Other Information



To help you enjoy your day out in safety, please read the following key points:


Choose the right walk

  • How much time do you have?

  • What is the weather forecast?

  • How fit are you?

  • Please think about these questions before you add your name to the list of routes.


Take care of yourself

  • There are no leaders on any walks.

  • Keep a note of your planned route.

  • Find out on the bus who is in your group and start your walk with them.

  • Do not walk alone.

  • Try not to get too far ahead of or behind your group.  If you are in front, wait for the others.  If you are behind, shout or whistle to get them to wait for you.

  • If you decide to leave your group and join another, tell the people in your old and new groups.


Check your equipment

  • The weather may change!

  • We advise at least walking boots, rucksack, food and drink for the day, hat and gloves, waterproof/windproof jacket and over-trousers, and in winter a torch. Most people also take spare footwear and a change of jumper/trousers which can be left on the bus.


Think ahead

  • Take a note of the bus driver’s mobile phone number (it will be on the sheet which lists the routes).

  • Find out where the bus will be at the end of your walk and when it will leave.



If you have any questions about this information, or there is anything else you want to know either about a particular walk or about the Club - please ask. There are usually several members of the Committee on the bus who’d be very happy to speak with you.


Have a good day out!





  • Because of the new EU drivers’ regulations it is imperative everyone is back at the bus and ready to leave by the time agreed on the day of the walk.

  • If anyone is late back, the bus will wait only 30 minutes past the agreed time and this may mean there may be no ˝ hour stop on the way home.

  • The Committee will ask for 2 volunteers to remain behind while the rest of the bus leaves for home.